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You see the total price, depending on the number of people that you are booking for.
This is added not per person, but per group at the same address. So if you are for 4 people at the same address, a pick-up will be only 10 leva, not 40 leva.
Exact date of the tour. DD-MM-YYYY
Phone number that will be working in Bulgaria or via WhatsApp.
Or if you are using a phone from a different country than your origin, please write the country of your phone operator company.
It will be used to request confirmation for your booking.
The exact full name of your hotel, hostel or other accommodation?
If we can't reach you on the phone, we might call your room if we need additional information. (write 0 if not a hotel)
Please let us know how you learned about us, did someone specific recommend us, or did you find us in Google search for example?
And additional information that we have to be aware of?