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By | 08-06-2018

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Rila Monastery and Plovdiv:
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Rila Monastery and Boyana Church:
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Plovdiv‘s history spans 6,000 years, traces of a Neolithic settlement dating to roughly 4000 BC, ranking it among the world’s oldest cities. Plovdiv was known in the West for most of its recorded history by the Greek name Philippoupolis , which was introduced in 340 BC. Read more about the sights bellow…

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We pick you up from your hotel or an address you choose, and we bring you back to your hotel, the airport or an address you choose. The tour will be with a car and an English speaking driver for you who will be with you and show you the sights and will do all he can to meet your needs. This tour is around 6 hours.

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This is a private tour, and as such the price per person depends on the number of people you are travelling with. Here you can see the prices per person, depending on how many people you are:

3 to 20 people – 29 euro per person ~ 59 Bulgarian Leva per person

2 people – 49 euro per person ~ 99 Bulgarian Leva per person

1 person – 89 euro per person ~ 179 Bulgarian Leva per person

You pay to the driver at the end of the tour. We prefer if you can pay in Bulgarian Leva cash, but if you don’t have Leva, we also accept credit card or Euro.

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Here you can read more about this sights:

Plovdiv was originally a Thracian city before later becoming a Greek city, and then a major Roman city. In the Middle Ages, it retained its strategic regional importance, changing hands between the Byzantine and Bulgarian Empires. It came under Ottoman rule in the 14th century. On 4 January 1878, Plovdiv was liberated from Ottoman rule by the Russian army. It remained within the borders of Bulgaria until July of the same year, when it became the capital of the autonomous Ottoman region of Eastern Rumelia. In 1885, Plovdiv and Eastern Rumelia itself became part of Bulgaria. It is probably the most visited city in Bulgaria after Sofia, and has always amazed all its visitors with the breath taking architectural mixture it offers.

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