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Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery tour

Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery: only 49€! – Plovdiv was originally a Thracian city before later becoming a Greek city, and then a major Roman city. In the Middle Ages, it retained its strategic regional importance, changing hands between the Byzantine and Bulgarian Empires. It is probably the most visited city in Bulgaria after Sofia, and… Read More »

Rila Monastery and Plovdiv Tour

Rila Monastery and Plovdiv: only 49€! –  We are the only company that offers this unique combination of tour to Rila Monastery and Plovdiv in just one day. Visit the two most visited locations in one day from the comfort of a car with this amazing tour. The Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila, better… Read More »

Rila Monastery and 7 Rila Lakes Tour

Rila Monastery and 7 Rila Lakes: from only 57€! –  Often called the 8th wonder of the world, the Seven Rila lakes are legendary for their beauty and awesomeness. They are one of the most visited natural sites of Bulgaria. Optionally, you can combine them with a visit to the Rila Monastery. The Monastery of… Read More »

Belogradchik fortress and Belogradchik rocks

The Belogradchik Fortress, also known as Kaleto (“the fortress” from Turkish kale), is an ancient fortress located on the north slopes of the Balkan Mountains, close to the northwestern Bulgarian town of Belogradchik and is the town’s primary cultural and historical tourist attraction, drawing, together with the Belogradchik Rocks, the main flow of tourists into… Read More »

Buzludzha communist monument

The House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party sits on Buzludzha Peak, high up in the mountains of Bulgaria. It was opened in 1981, as a citizen-funded tribute to the socialist movement in Bulgaria… but since the country’s transition to democracy it has lain abandoned. Read more about the sights bellow… Book any of the tours by… Read More »

Devil’s Throat and Yagodinska caves

The Yagodinska Cave is 10 kilometers long, 5 stories tall, and made up of many labyrinths. Visitors enter the cave through an artificial opening and follow a special path with electric lights illuminating the beautiful and mysterious formations. Devil’s Throat Cave, or Dyavolsko Garlo, is located in the western Rhodopes in Bulgaria, near its border… Read More »

Melnik and wine tasting

The unique architecture of Melnik and the nearby Rozhen Monastery (located 6 km southeast of Melnik) make it a popular tourist destination. In addition, the town has been famous for producing strong wine since at least 1346. The local wine from the varietal Broad Leave Melnik Vine was reportedly a favourite of Winston Churchill’s. Read more… Read More »