We are devoted to providing better means of transportation in Sofia and Bulgaria. We are a young team of polite, English speaking, nicely-dressed drivers, that want to help you get where you are going, and feel like you are a VIP doing so. In addition to the great customer service, we strive to provide also hi-tech extras, such as Wi-Fi in the cars, a place to charge your phone while on the go and a way to even listen to your music through the car’s stereo. We also provide Child Seats upon request so that you can travel with infants even more securely. The combination of all that we call the smart way to travel in our SMART TRANS. For best results we recommend booking ahead so that we can try our best to provide you with a vehicle. You can also check out our transfer offers and travel around Bulgaria in complete comfort and great price.

For more information you can call and text:
Text us in Facebook now: m.me/SmartTrans.bg
+359 888 160 100 (also WhatsApp)
+359 897 961 430 (also WhatsApp and Viber)